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This gin uses a mix of ultra traditional distilling methods allied to Martin's own iconoclastic 'take' on gin distilling. There are two separate distillations for the Juniper and earthier botanicals that are later 'married' with a second separate distillation of the citrus elements of Bitter Orange Peel, Lemon and Lime Peel. Cucumber is then added with Icelandic Spring Water giving the gin a long dry fresh finish.

Ideally served with Mint & or Lime.

OPHIR (o-peer) (40%)  



An exotic, Oriental spiced gin made in London at the UK’s oldest Gin Distillery. The botanicals used in this gin came from the old British spice trade route & include Juniper, Moroccan Coriander, Indonesian Cubeb Berries & Indian Black Pepper amongst others, to make a slightly spiced & wildly different gin.

Makes a really nice “Red Snapper”, Gins version of a “Bloody Mary”.

PLYMOUTH GIN (41.2%)  



A unique, protected style of gin originating from the city of Plymouth. Since 1793 it has been distilled from a unique blend of seven botanicals including  Angelica & Dusty Juniper, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol. Made at the historic Black Friars Distillery (the oldest working distillery in England). This gin has a great depth of flavour with deep earthy notes and a wonderfully fresh Juniper and lemony bite. No single botanical dominates the flavour.

Ideally served with Lemon.





Is a hand made gin produced in small batches in London by Ian Hart.  It is made with Citrus, Juniper, Cardamom, Nutmeg & Hougari Frankincense as well as seven other botanicals.  A crystal clear, lush pine—fresh juniper led nose with a long zesty finish with lingering pine & peppercorns.

Ideally served with Pink Grapefruit.

SIPSMITHS (41.6%)    



Distilled in London & is the quintessential expression of a classic Dry Gin. Macedonian Juniper Berries, Bulgarian  Coriander Seed, Spanish Liquorice Root, Spanish Ground Almond, Chinese Cassia Bark, Madagascan Cinnamon,

Sevillian Orange Peel and Spanish Lemon Peel are a few botanicals used to create this wonderful gin. Bold, complex and aromatic – smooth enough for a Martini, but rich and balanced, perfect for a G&T.

Ideally served with Lime


TANQUERAY No. TEN (47.3%)  



Distilled in Fife in Scotland, this is the only gin made using whole citrus fruits inc. White Grapefruit, Lime & Orange, along with Juniper, Coriander & a hint of   

Chamomile Flowers.  It is Full Bodied, has fresh flavours and a well rounded palate. An extremely versatile gin. Ideally served with Pink Grapefruit,




Takes its name & flavour from the Rangpur lime, The Rangur tree blends the zestiness of a Lime and the juiciness of a Mandarin Orange. Distilling the Lime with other botanicals, including Bay Leaf, Ginger and of course Juniper, gives this gin a subtle, yet memorably zesty citrus twist that makes it ideal for a classic Gin based Cocktail or an invigorating short on the rocks.  

Best served with a wedge of Lime.




Tanqueray have revived founder Charles Tanqueray's 1835 recipe of Old Tom Gin – a classic sweeter style of gin. The botanicals include Juniper, Angelica Root, Coriander and Liquorice – the same recipe as for their London Dry, but in higher proportions. The label is a replica of the last bottles of the original, which was discontinued in 1921. This is a  limited edition release, get it before it's gone. Best served with Lemon Slice or Peel.  




Distilled on the Isle of Islay, Scotland with 9 classic gin botanicals & 22 local Botanicals, foraged responsibly by hand from the hills, shores & bogs of the fertile Hebridean Island. These include Chamomile, Birch Leaves, White Clover & Wild Peppermint. This is a dry flavoursome gin layered with complexity.

Best served with Lemon Zest.




Distilled in Herefordshire & unlike most other gins, where a neutral grain spirit is used, they press organically grown Cider Apples from their family farm then distil it with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Liquorice, Orris, Orange, Lemon, Hops, Elderflower & Bramley Apples, along with naturally pure water taken from the aquifer running underneath the cider apple orchards. The result is a full bodied, sharp, yet fruity gin.  

Ideally served with Apple.