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Premium Gins

The Red Lion Premium Gin Collection

European Gins…






Produced in the south west of France using the same technique used in 1775 when it was commissioned by Louis XVI in Citadelle, France. 19 botanicals are infused for 72 hours, allowing the aromatic notes to develop. These include French Juniper, Moroccan Coriander, Mexican Orange Peel, Chinese Liquorice, Violets, Almond, Grains of Paradise, Cumin & Star Anise.

Best served with Orange Peel.

GIN MARE (42.7%)    



Distilled in a small Spanish fishing town called Vilanova on the outskirts of Barcelona . This gin is defiantly inspired by Mediterranean botanicals including Arbequina Olives, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Mandarin, as well as the usual Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Lemon & Orange. This gin offers genuinely different flavours. The result is a fabulous spirit which has been much praised by critics.

This gin is best served with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic & Orange.

LE GIN 1 & 9 (40%)   



A distinctive spicy bouquet, combining Wild Juniper & 9 aromatic & exotic botanicals, the rich aromas lead to a powerful flavour & a long spiced citrus finish.
A haute couture London Gin recipe, hand-crafted per batches, in perfumery style copper-stills by the Distillerie des Terres-Rouges nearby the Dordogne valley,.

Garnish with Chilli Pepper & served with Fever Tree Ginger Ale.

MONKEY 47 (47%)    



An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany, that contains a unique botanical. Cranberries! The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin, and the fact that it's bottled at a healthy 47%. With a list longer than your arm here are a few of the more unusual botanicals used, Acacia, Acorus Calamus, Cloves, Dog Rose, Hawthorne Berries, Kaffie Limes, Lingon Berries, Pimento, Rosehips, Sage& Spruce.

This gin makes an exceptional Martini and is one of our favourites.

SANTAMANIA (41%)    



Dry Gin distilled in Spain. The neutral spirit is obtained mainly from the delicious native Tempranillo grape in communion with native botanicals, Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Liquorice, Cardamom, Pistachio, Lime, Lemon Peel, Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosemary, Raspberries and Canary Island water, gathered from the heart of the Tiede Volcano.

This gin is rested for 2—3 months prior to bottling and distilled in such small batches you will never find a bottle numbered higher than 330.

Ideally served with Raspberries.

And now for something completely different…





American gin distilled in Portland, Oregon using Rye to make its 100% neutral base spirit. Aviation belongs to an entirely new category of dry gins, which embody a shift away from the usual overabundance of juniper toward a more forward balance of botanicals such as Lavender, Cardamom and Sarsaparilla to capture the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific Northwest. This is the first real taste of American gin.

Ideally served with Lemon or Lime.

FOUR PILLARS (41.8%)  



Rare dry gin made in a small distillery in the Yarra Valley, Australia & captures the essence of Australia’s heritage in Europe and Asia. Whole Oranges are used which is unusual but Australian citrus is highly aromatic and supports the spicier botanicals like Cardamom. The Lemon Myrtle is a beautiful alternative to Lemon Peel alongside, Cinnamon,  Star Anise & Tasmanian Pepper Berry Leaf which provides warmth rather than heat.

Ideally served with Orange Peel.




Is a beautiful aromatic gin with a thoroughly Australian character, combining traditional Juniper with some uniquely Australian botanicals including Cinnamon Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle & Australian Bush Tomato.

Garnish with Bell Peppers.

Sloe gins…

MONKEY 47 SLOE GIN (29%)  



Very attractive nose with typical London Gin characters and distinct Juniper & Pepper notes. Crisp, fresh & fruity on the nose and equally so in the mouth. Some tangy notes in the mouth add extra freshness to the traditional characteristics. Extremely complex, full bodied.
The Sloe gin is distilled in single batch production with 3 months maturation taking place. The Sloe berries are wild grown and hand picked from the Black Forest in Germany.




Has a rich red colour, which is the result of steeping the finest Sloe Berries in high strength Plymouth Gin and soft Dartmoor water. The result is a smooth liqueur taste with a beautiful balance between sweet and bitter fruit flavours and a hint of almonds from the stone of the fruit.




Made from their award-winning gin and rather a lot of wild sloe berries that are hand-picked in the autumn, the result is a truly handmade sloe gin that is subtle, complex & bursting with flavours; a big and fruity liqueur that's great for summer drinking on ice or nursing in front of the fire in winter.

SLOE BLOOM (28%)   



Is made by macerating hand-picked sloes in their award-winning gin which features a floral botanical selection, including honeysuckle and chamomile.

The classic sloe notes come through brilliantly alongside the delicate aromas the gin offers up. A lovely twist on traditional sloe gin that is sweeter than most.




Inspired by unique and decidedly British flavours,  

Herefordshire hedgerow Sloe Berries, picked after the first frost last November are added to their bespoke gin blend. Incorporating a selection of botanicals designed specifically to augment the rich flavour of the fruit, the Sloes were left to marinade for an initial period of eight months. They then source delicious, but rarely seen, Mulberries; adding the fruit for a final two months before decanting and bottling.

They don’t just do beer you know!



Bottle 70cl

COPPER HOUSE           (40%)




A Dry Gin distilled in Southwold & made with Juniper Berries, Orris Root, Coriander Seed, Cardamom Pod, Sweet Orange Peel and Hibiscus Flower.

The result is a very Creamy & Rich Gin.

Best served with a Slice of Orange or Orange Zest.

FIRST RATE                 (48%)




Made with a complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals to complement the strength of this spirit, it delivers aromatic spices mingled with Juniper and softened with hints of citrus.

Best served with Lemon Zest





A truly distinctive, heart warming, traditional-style Sloe Gin.  Ruby red in colour, gentle aromas of Red Plums blended with a soft & gentle hint of marzipan.  Sweetness & the natural bitterness of the sloes are perfectly balanced on the palate, which is smooth & round, with a luscious, creamy texture.





A ‘eau de vie de biere’ made from Broadside & matured in heavily toasted Russian oak casks for 12 months.  A rich and complex amber spirit packed full of wonderful fruit and spice aromas.

The final spirit has whisky aromas and notes but what makes it so distinctive is the hop flavours that come through from brewing and fermenting the beer.





Burnished gold in colour, their Winter Spiced liqueur is exotic and warming with notes of cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and pepper grains.  

It is silky smooth on the palate, it’s sweet and balanced, with a long warming finish.

Nice served as a Digestif or in your coffee.